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17 August 2012

Read the Whole Stone

When personally visiting a cemetery, make certain you read the entire stone for clues--front, back, left, right. Sometimes there may even be a symbol engraved on the top--that could be a clue as well.


  1. Just a few weeks ago I received an excited phone call from a friend. They had gone to the cemetery to find his great grandfather, looking for information about his great grandfather. His great grandfather's stone had fallen from its base. They searched the area, then did an inspection of ggrandfather's stone. On the side it side Mother. The carefully set up the stone and found the information about ggrandmother, and were so excited they had to share with some one. So it is important to look the headstone over very carefully.

  2. This is great advice. When doing Jewish Genealogy the back of the stone may be just as important as the front. You might need help with transcription but your advice is great.