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23 April 2012

Did Your Ancestor Get a Passport?

Have you checked passport records for ancestors who might have traveled overseas? Before the 1910s many Americans traveled abroad without a passport, but after that time a higher proportion of travelers obtained passports. One relative traveled to Mexico in the 1920s for his work and obtained a passport to do so. Another relative was a Red Cross nurse who went to Europe shortly before the first World War and completed a passport application with significant information.


  1. where do you find passport records?

  2. The National Archives has them on microfilm. They are on Archive.org (free) and Fold3.com from 1795-1905 and on Ancestry.com from 1795-1925. There's a blog post here about using the ones on Archive.org


    1. Thank you for the help!!

  3. I found, on ancestry, the passport for my great grandmother when she returned to visit her family in Ireland. The photo includes her two little girls who went with her. I have photos that must have been taken the same day.