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09 September 2011

You Never Know What You Might Stumble on in the Cemetery

A visit to a rural cemetery to visit my grandparents' graves recently caused me to stumble a cross a couple who were using the back of the cemetery for an unintended purpose. In my case the encounter was harmless. Just remember that some cemeteries, particularly urban ones, may be in areas that today are unsafe. Find out first if the cemetery you plan to visit has any such issues. Is it better to visit in the day time? Is it wise to be there by yourself, etc.? Most cemeteries are safe places, but you never know. And always let someone know where you are going and have you cell phone with you, in addition to your genealogy supplies.


  1. I recently had to caution a library patron about that. The local cemetery she wanted to visit is not safe even during funerals. Mourners are harrassed through the fence.

  2. I had to leave an out of the way cemetery due to an unfriendly dog. Not all dangers are on two legs.