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06 August 2011

Is It Time for a Break or a Different Approach?

Sometimes you have to admit that you are spinning your wheels, the facility (or website) you are using does not have what you need, or that you need help.

I've been working on an ancestor in New York and Michigan over the last couple of days at the Ft. Wayne Library. I realized that the published genealogies I had been using were pretty much "copying" each other and that the answer to my question was not in any published sources and that what I actually need to utilize are local records in one of the two counties where the family lived.

Until I access those records, more time in print materials/websites probably isn't going to help me.


  1. As you recommended the other day for us to seek a different resource than used normally, I decided to use Family Search for a change.....something I hadn't done for a year or more. Well, your suggestion has been golden! I found my great-great-grandfather married a second time in Ireland and had a son before he left for Hong Kong. What happened to the 2nd wife is unknown at this time but I found that son living with his family in New York in 1910. Thanks for your encouragement to break out of our "comfort zone."

  2. I do almost all of my research online, since I live halfway across the country from where my ancestors immigrated, raised families and died. Sometimes I just change which branch I'm researching for a change of pace. When I make my way back around the tree again, sometimes additional resources are available online :-)